Montessori On The Prairie

We welcome you to visit Montessori on the Prairie in Tracy. We look forward in getting to know each family and guiding your child towards reaching his/her potential, as well as developing a life long love for learning.  This is accomplished by allowing the child to explore through freedom and self discipline. With this freedom the love for learning goes hand in hand.We follow the Associate Montessori International (AMI) curriculum established by Associate Montessori International (AMI).

What is 

what is

Montessori on the Prairie offers a comprehensive education for the formative years in a traditional Montessori environment, and is designed to support the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. Our goal is to develop the child’s emotional, social, spiritual, physical and intellectual skills so they can live the lives they were born to live. Montessori is one of the most effective education systems in the world in which to do this.​


Our Hope

Our Mission

To offer a cozy and happy environment to help the child conduct her activities which will motivate and stimulate her own experience in a Montessori setting. 
To mould unique individuals, to help to furnish the child with an original spirit with which he can overcome bigger goals and challenges in life. We will allow the child to find values which will be a road map to life, to make them spiritually rich, to love whatever they will be doing, and how to live life to the fullest and be honorable beings.

Our Vision